Fans Cool the Room

In today’s economy, many families are looking for ways to save money, particularly on utility bills. Of course, it makes sense to turn off unnecessary lights and use energy-efficient appliances.

What you shouldn’t do is fall for some of the common home cooling myths that might actually cost you money! Here are five myths to avoid.

Fans cool people, not rooms. Fans blow air across your skin, evaporating perspiration and cooling your body. This is an effective way to lower utility bills by allowing you to turn the thermostat up a bit. Just remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room.


Lower the Temperature for Quicker Cooling

The myth says that if you set the temperature really low when you first want to cool a room the room will cool more quickly. But the truth is the air conditioner is limited by the speed of the fan. Lowering the temperature won’t reduce the time required to cool the room, but it will force the unit to produce colder air, which all goes to waste.

Turning the A/C Off When You’re Gone Will Save Money

The unit must work longer to cool a house that’s excessively hot. A better option is to use a programmable thermostat to raise the temperature about 10 degrees while you’re out and gradually reduce it before you get home. Using an internet optimized thermostat can give you even more control and more savings.

Closing Off Vents to Unused Rooms Saves Money

Central air conditioning depends on ducts and vents to cool your entire home. If part is shut off, cold air won’t circulate properly, while the compressor could be working even harder. This causes wear on the unit, as well as more money on your utility bills.

A Larger HVAC Unit Will Cool Your Home More Efficiently

A larger unit won’t resolve problems with ductwork, insulation or air leaks. An energy audit will help you determine the best way to save money while your family stays comfortable.

For all your questions about any of your heating or cooling needs, we’re always here to help.