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Addicted to A/C?


Sacramento Residents Addicted to Air Conditioning?


A recent report in the Boston Globe suggests we're addicted to air conditioning. Today, almost 90 percent of American households have air conditioning. "... living in most parts of America during the summer these days means being dependent on A/C. With temperatures regularly climbing past 90, we expect to be made thermally comfortable everywhere we go, including in the cars or subways we take to get there." It's hard to imagine living anywhere in the Sacramento Valley without air conditioning.


We Can Take the Heat

The report goes on to say that our bodies are well suited to warmer temperatures. "The human body is surprisingly adaptable, and by weaving together techniques from the past, ideas from hot-weather countries, and new findings from building design experts about what people actually find comfortable, we can see a surprising portrait emerge of what life might look like if we, as a society, decided we could no longer afford our addiction."


Changes Required

"A lot would have to change. We’d wake up earlier, and nap in the middle of the day to make up for it. We’d ride bikes and scooters everywhere, and swimming would replace running as the preferred form of exercise. Maybe we’d see the return of porch culture—of screened-in card games and flowing iced tea. And maybe we’d start taking pride in tricking out our finished basements. After a while we’d get used to it, just like we got used to the artificial indoor chill we take for granted now. And who knows—eventually we might even come to like it."


It makes sense and, in spite of the nostalgia, has a certain charm. But is it even slightly realistic? That's a question you'll have to answer for yourself. But until then we suggest you continue to have your system checked regularly because no matter what we do, the temperature will climb to over 100-degress again here in the Sacramento Valley sometime in the next few weeks.


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Reference: How to Live Without Air Conditioning, by Leon Neyfakh - Boston Globe  MORE HERE



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