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Welfare Checks on Elderly

Friends and Neighbors

When was the last time you spoke to your elderly neighbor or relative?

As we age certain heat warnings are diminished. For one, we don't sweat as much. Another is that we're less inclined to drink water. Thirst and sweat are nature's way of warning us that action is needed or we may suffer heat illness.

When temperatures soar to over 100 degrees, it's easy for air conditioning systems to become over loaded and shut down. Or sometimes a person thinks that settings that worked during cooler summer day work for scorching summer days as well.

If you have an elderly neighbor, consider stopping by with a glass of ice tea and sharing a few social moments. At worst you'll get to know your neighbor a little better and share some Sacramento area heat stories.

Buckley Heat Air Solar


Using Solar to

Avoid Base-Plus Usage

The long hot summer is finally over. Did you have to spend your kid’s inheritance on your SMUD bill this year? Every year the utilities keep going up. Early this year SMUD sent out their “Residential Rate Guide” and from June 1st thru September 30th with the base usage costing $.1177 per KWH (kilo watt hour) and if you use over 1100 KWH in a month (base-plus usage) the rate jumps to $.1928 per KWH! Now you understand why you’re paying more than you paid last year.

Check The Filter - Your Best Defense

Obviously your largest electricity usage is your Air Conditioner in the summer months, and if you are not changing your filter monthly and making sure the unit is running at its peak performance you could be paying a lot more to try and stay comfortable throughout the summer months.

If you are getting into the base-plus (over 1100 KWH per month in summer) that is a 60% cost increase over the base usage, and even in the winter, spring and fall the base-plus usage is costing you $.1861 a 57% increase, you might want to consider being a Photovoltaic generator (making your own electricity)! If you just make enough electricity to get you out of the base-plus, the system can be fairly inexpensive and a very good ROI (return on your investment).

Only the Best Solar Panels

The solar panels Buckley Heat Air Solar uses are made in the USA and come with a 25 year warranty; they also come with a very user friendly monitoring system to keep track of the energy you are producing. SMUD will even give you a $500 rebate for installing and the federal tax credit is still available to offset the cost by 30%!

Increase Your Home's Resale Value

The other thing to keep in mind is the increase in your homes appraisal value with photovoltaic solar. It equals 20 times the annual reduction in operating cost! An actual Folsom customer of ours was paying $2198 (per year) for their electricity before the solar system and after we installed the bill went down to $1342 (savings of $856 per year times 20 years was $17,120). The total cost of the system was $14,877 and they received a rebate check from SMUD of $500 and a federal tax credit of $4313 with an out-of-pocket cost of $10,064. Also, they are producing 4,816 KWH per year!

Savings PLUS Comfort PLUS Value

If saving on your expenses (today and in the future), increasing your appraised value of your home and helping the environment sounds like something you would enjoy, please contact me. I will be glad to show you how much you can save! Call me personally at (916) 604-4339or e-mail me at .

~Brian Buckley

Huge Savings with Seasonal Service

After record breaking rainfall amounts and a water storage crisis across northern California we can at last enjoy our full capacity reservoirs and ground saturation. In fact, the trees and shrubs are growing at a fast pace and it seems the yard work will never end! The days are warmer and longer and the summer heat is just around the corner. Now is a good time to service your air conditioner and replace your filter.

Dirt and Dust Cut Efficiency
up to 5%

 As your HVAC system runs, it accumulates dust and dirt in key areas that affect its efficiency, like the condensing coils and air filters. Left unchecked, your A/C system can lose 5 percent of its operating efficiency each year because of this buildup, meaning it can’t cool your house as capably as it could if it were clean. A servicing of you’re A/C can pay for itself through improved energy efficiency, which saves money on utility bills, and a longer-lasting air conditioning unit.

Annual Maintenance Can Save
up to 15% on Your Energy Bill

A yearly maintenance check by a licensed HVAC expert can help reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 15 percent and help prevent earlier-than-normal breakdowns. An annual air conditioning maintenance inspection should include checking the motor (amperage draw and oiling if required), blower, drain line, coils, operating temperatures, the return and supply ducting, refrigerant levels, and electrical connections and safety controls. Keep in mind most air conditioners should last 15 years with proper maintenance. If your system doesn’t seem to be cooling like it should maybe you’re due for an annual maintenance or if your system is over 15 years old maybe it’s time to look at replacement options.

New Systems Mean Greater Efficiency

The new systems are considerably more efficient (lowering your cooling costs) and all of our installations come with a 10 year parts and labor warranty! Remember we are here to serve you no matter what your issue is. If you have any questions for me contact me via e-mail or just call me @ 916-604-4339 Enjoy the Summer days!


~Brian Buckley

Drones are showing potential but will they ever really find a place in the HVAC industry?

Industry experts say yes, definitely.

Applying Drone Technology in the HVAC Industry

With restrictions loosening, several commercial HVAC contractors are investing in drone technologies.

Zach Stiver, technician, Integrated Mechanical Systems, Irwindale, California, was drawn to drones’ filming capabilities.

“My friends and I run a filming business on the side,” he said. “So, when I was able to incorporate that into the HVAC business, I think it brought a whole new perspective for our clients and viewers to see what we do.”

Joe Nichter, president, Comfort Systems USA Southwest, Houston, has only used drones to take pictures of his company’s building, though he is excited about their future capabilities.

“I expect, in the not too distant future, we will be conducting rooftop maintenance and discover a problem that can’t be fixed without the OEM replacement part for the repair,” he said. “Since all our technicians have iPads, we’ll take pictures of the part, the unit model, and serial number and forward them to our local supplier. Once the pictures are received, the distributor will be able to dispatch a drone with the replacement parts. This process will enable our technicians to continue with this maintenance and move on to the other units.”

The Future of Drones in the HVAC Industry

While drones are not yet being used for everything they may be capable of, contractors see plenty of room for growth and expansion of the technology in HVAC.

“I believe energy-related surveys for buildings will incorporate drones in the future,” said Nichter. “Infrared will identify heat loss in buildings and make hard-to-reach areas accessible for monitoring. The feedback given can be tied into virtual reality that can be used to educate customers and define solutions.”

Stiver sees drone usage increasing overall, and it is definitely growing quickly in the trades.

“I can pretty much say for a fact that we will see more and more of the use of drones within the HVAC and construction businesses over the coming years because it’s a game changer when it comes to being able to see things you can’t from the ground and the marketing sides of things, as well,” he said.

Nichter also sees the intersection of HVAC and construction being the most beneficial area for drones in the future.

“Since a large part of our work each year is in construction, we’ve seen land planners, general contractors, and architects use drones for progress pictures on projects and potential site problems that might affect schedules,” he said. “In addition, we believe these units will someday monitor safety on job sites. For instance, several safety infractions happen on job sites without anyone knowing. In the future, rooftops, trenches, or areas that have potentially high risks for accidents could be monitored and near misses could be identified for review. An early warning system could be established to notify the company of safety infractions. This could prevent several accidents in the future.”

The Drone Business is Exploding

The future looks bright for drones. According to recent reports by consulting firm PWC, the drone industry could be worth as much as $127 billion by 2020. It will be interesting to see if interest in the technology from the HVAC industry takes flight.

Source: ACHR News

Family that enjoys year round comfort.


When it comes time to upgrade your central heating and air system, if slashing your energy bill isn't exciting enough then maybe these life changing home comfort improvements will make the process more rewarding.

Smart thermostats anticipate your needs

The option our customers request the most is a smart thermostat. They can send messages to Beautiful woman that enjoys her comforts.your cell phone when there's a problem and much more. There are mobile apps that will allow you to heat or cool your home from your cell phone before you arrive home. And if you ever forget to turn off your heat when you leave on vacation you can do that too from almost anywhere in the world.

New HVAC systems are quieter

In many cases the first thing our customers notice about their new system is how quiet it is. In fact, some have said, it's so quiet they couldn't even tell it was on. That's ultra important here in Sacramento during periods of extreme heat especially to our customers that like to leave their A/C on overnight and still get a good night's sleep.

The key to both comfort and savings is efficiency. After installing a new HVAC system, you will notice your home feels more comfortable because the system does not need to work as hard to heat or cool your home. And since your new system is more efficient it typically will require a lot lessFamily that enjoys the comfort of Buckley Heat Air Solar. power than older units which means huge savings on your energy bill.

Bigger is not always better

Your new system needs to be sized correctly. An over-sized unit will cycle off before the air circulates properly through your home. Systems that are too small will almost certainly fail to deliver the level of comfort you expect from your investment. That's why it's so important to select an installer you can count on to go through the entire process and not take short cuts; an installation company with a solid record of performance that will do it right from the beginning.

If you're thinking about a new system, call us today for a free in-home comfort review. We'll evaluate your home's environmental needs, check your ductwork, walk you through the installation process and give you a solid estimate tailored to your budget. The very best time to upgrade your system is between seasons. You can call our office or, if you have any questions, call me directly at 916-604-4339 or email me at


~Brian Buckley, President

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