How important is the air you breathe in your home?

90% of our time is spent indoors, so we should want the air we breathe to be as healthy and safe as possible. One major contributor to the quality of the air is your HVAC air filter. Neglecting your filter causes dust build-up in the home, does damage to the components of the system, increases your power bill. and decreases the longevity of the equipment.

Lots of options. Make an informed choice.

There are many options for what type of filter to use in your home. Washable filters should be cleaned at minimum once a month. Once they start to plug up it puts a restriction on the fan and makes it hard for the system to operate properly. Disposable filters come in many different options as well. The 1” pleated filters are the most economical option and should be replaced every 1 to 3 months. depending on how dirty they get.

Our best current option is the media filter. They are either installed in the return grille or at the unit in a casing. These typically last 6 to 12 months and do a great job of filtering out more dust, pollen, and pet dander than either of the other two filters. Another added benefit since they last so much longer is that we can change out the filter on your routine maintenance, and you will no longer have to worry about cleaning, buying, or replacing the filter. We will bring the filter with us to the appointment and you can have the Peace of Mind in knowing that your system is being taken care of and you have a high quality filter that is improving the indoor air quality. When you call for your next service or maintenance, be sure to tell us you are interested in getting a media filter!

Media Air Filter

Your Ducting Matters.

Another area of concern for indoor air quality is the type of air distribution materials you have. Some homes have air distribution boxes made out of compressed fiberglass. Over time, that starts to break down and will make its way into the ducting and then of course into the home. If you do have any respiratory issues this can increase the risk. We specialize in the removal of these boxes. We replace them with sheet metal boxes that are lined with non-fiberglass insulation so there is no chance of it entering your home through the duct system.

Attics are dirty and may contain harmful material; we want to make sure your duct system is not adding to that possibility. Please ask your technician to take a look at your duct system on our next visit so we can make sure to address this potential hazard.