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Jake Buckley
Operations Manager

Jake has grown up in the business and is a factory trained and certified HVAC installer. He has a passion for quality work. He leads a team of installers serving the Folsom, Roseville, Sacramento area that are completely dedicated to your comfort needs. Jake also oversees customer satisfaction and knows who’s boss… you, the customer.

Jonny Velasquez
Maintenance Technician

Jonny believes that meeting new customers is one of the best parts of his job. His broad technical background and experience as a security professional help him keep Buckley’s 100% customer service guarantee. During off hours he likes hiking, horseback riding and spending time with his young son Wyatt.

John Buckley
Maintenance Technician

For John it’s about making sure the customer is comfortable and the equipment is doing its job. John grew up in the business and effectively brings 30 years of experience to solving customer problems. 100% customer satisfaction to John means simply “Peace of Mind”.

Bill Kenealey
Maintenance Technician

Having worked for mostly large companies in the past, Bill enjoys the ability at Buckley’s to check in with and share ideas daily with most of his cohorts. To Bill 100% satisfaction means that before he leaves a customer’s home either all their issues are handled or there’s a plan in place to make sure they’re taken care of right away.

Lori Morin
Maintenance Coordinator

Lori absolutely LOVES serving customers. Anything to keep customers satisfied and team mates successful. 100% customer satisfaction means going above and beyond for complete peace of mind. Lori ‘s experience as a fitness business owner helps keep things running smoothly. She still enjoys fitness related activities and spending time with family.

Ben Young
Maintenance Technician

To Ben, 100% customer satisfaction means doing his best to find a path to “yes”. It’s important to provide an empathetic ear at all times and let the customer know you’ll be there when they need you. Ben is the devoted father of two pre-teen kids so most of his free time is spent with them. He also enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding and watching football.

Steven Dunlay

A lot of what Steven likes about the job is the problem solving. 100% customer satisfaction means properly assessing the situation and fixing it right the first time. In his free time Steven enjoys playing video games and watching action movies.

Cory Hayes

Variety is the spice of life and variety is what Cory likes most about his job. Every job is a different home and a different application.  To Cory 100% customer satisfaction means we don’t cut corners. We do each job 100% and we do that 100% of the time.

On the weekends it’s all about the outdoors. 4-wheeling, fishing, hunting. His favorite place to hang out is Dillon Beach.