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Falling Solar Prices Fuel
Continued Industry Growth

Falling Solar Installation Prices Benefit Consumers

According to a report just released by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory*, prices for residential solar installations continued to fall during the first half The Berkeley Lab is funded by the US Department of Energy.of 2016. Falling prices were especially noticeable during 2015 when prices dropped about 5% or around $0.20 per watt. That can really add up when you consider that the DC wattage of an installation on a larger home could exceed 8,000 watts.


According to the report (Tracking the Sun IX): "This is the sixth consecutive year of significant price reductions for PV [photovoltaic] in the U.S." The report went on to say that since the price of PV modules has stabilized, most of the pricing pressure comes from a reduction in solar "soft" costs such as marketing, system design, installation labor, permitting, and inspections.Falling solar prices favor new solar customers.


Many Variables Account for Huge Price Differences

The report found that the price a home owner might pay for a new system varies greatly.  According to the report, 20% of the systems installed in 2015 sold for less than $3.30 per watt while the top 20% sold for more than $5.00 per watt. According to Berkeley Lab's Naim Darghouth, "This variability reflectsBuckley Heat Air Solar is known for their excellant customer service. a host of factors: differences in system design and component selection, market and regulatory conditions, and installer characteristics, to name a few.”


Free No-Obligation Energy Review

We here at Buckley Heat Air Solar recognize the myriad of factors that can contribute to your net cost on a new solar system including proper sizing, existing rebates, and tax credits. We believe that the only way to estimate the cost of a system is with a complete on-site energy review which includes an analysis of your current energy costs. There's no charge and there's no obligation. To set up your free review, CLICK HERE to request an appointment or call us today.


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*Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is managed by the University of California and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through its Office of Science.



Tracking the Sun IX, published August, 2016 by Berkeley Lab

Solar Power World, article published August 25, 2016. Author: Kathie Zipp



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