Why Buckley Heat Air Solar?

We provide the BEST customer service by exceeding our customer’s expectations & promising 100% satisfaction to guarantee Peace of Mind.

It’s safe to say I was born into the heating and air business. As a kid it was fun going to trade shows with my dad. Rumor has it that at about 10 years-old I grabbed a bunch of Dad’s business cards, crossed his name out and wrote mine in next to “Owner”. While I don’t remember that, there was a project in fifth grade about what you want to be when you grow up. Astronaut, president, athlete were popular choices. Not for me. I wanted to be the owner of Buckley’s.

A lot has changed since my grandfather started the business in 1977. Shortly after that my father took over and made several changes including moving the business to Citrus Heights.  We’ve even been through a couple of name changes.

But the one thing that has never changed and won’t change under my management is our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re still focused on delivering a quality product and keeping the customer comfortable. “Your Peace of Mind” is not only our motto, it’s our only concern.

~Jake Buckley

Owner & General Manager

We Give You Peace of Mind in Your Own Home.

Why Choose Buckley

1. Peace of Mind Technicians

All of our HVAC Technicians are background checked, drug tested, DMV checked and properly trained for heating and air conditioning repair and installation.

2. No Hassle Guarantee

Rest assured we will secure all necessary permits, perform duct testing and charge verification, schedule your heat and air inspections and process your rebates and financing paperwork.  We know YOUR time is valuable, so we’ll devote 100% of our company’s resources to make your heating and air conditioning installation smooth and worry-free.

3. Home Protection Guarantee

We will protect your home during your HVAC installation using floor coverings and shoe covers. We will treat your home with the greatest respect.

4. Quality Install Guarantee

We will perform your HVAC installation with the highest degree of workmanship making sure your heating & air conditioning system functions not only at its best but also looks its best. Our company has a proven record of high quality installations per our customers and building inspectors. The best products deserve the best installations.

5. Bonded and Insured

We will show you our workers compensation (A1951-43-42), general liability  (CBP8791755) and auto liability (BA8791855) policies and also our contractors bond (545281C).

Our Experts


Our Services

Repair or Replace

Every homeowner faces the question of whether to repair or replace their existing HVAC unit. It’s a daunting decision considering the cost of heat and air replacement.  Taking into account a number of factors as a whole rather than dealing with each problem as it occurs will save you money in the long run. Let the professionals at Buckley’s help you simplify the decision making process.

Solar Services

Every minute enough sunlight strikes the earth to power the entire planet for one year. With a Buckley Solar System you can harness that power for FREE. Imagine never again having to worry about increased rates, brown outs or power shortages. Isn’t it about time you cut the cord that makes you dependent on your power company? Connect with our expert team of solar installer today!


We don’t just install heating, air and solar units. We help you keep them in top running condition. Changing filters, checking for leaks, cleaning and clearing around your indoor and outdoor units are critical factors in lowering your energy bills and maximizing the life of your units. We’ll make sure you get the full life out of any system that we install or you had installed previously.